DIY science party!

My first born, Bubba, has turned 5 yesterday! I can’t believe how time flies, it’s ridiculous. While pregnant with him is where I developed Mamabasic, just to have a laugh about the shit my body was going through and over the years, I’ve loved making people laugh through my motherhood journey. Anyway, he wanted a science party and we just moved home, so I didn’t have time or energy to make it amazing but these DIY low budget ideas may give you inspiration for a science party.


I started with choosing a spot where the cake will be cut and where there can be a good family picture taken, which is our dining table area.

The galaxy themed table covering works for many different theme including science. I then found science themed cut out used by teachers and placed a few randomly on the table.

Balloons is a must! The black Happy Birthday balloons hanging at the top are relatively cheap to find online, if you search ahead of time, you’ll find it even cheaper than using next day delivery. And they usually come in a pack with other balloon. To hang this up, I used a fishing wire, they’re strong and transparent and I already had a roll from a previous DIY. I bought the fishing wire roll from Daiso for 7aed, I’m sure it will be available where you are for cheap. And then I used Masking tape to tape to the wall, you can always nail a nail and tie a knit but who wants to do that. Masking tape comes off easily.

These are the ones I got, from

The big 5 balloon was from a craft shop called Creative Minds in Al Wasl Dubai and cost me 53aed. Again I used the fishing wire and Masking tape. You can inflate any of these balloons with helium if you like.


This is a cool idea, grab some plastic square shot cups made for desserts. I found these out my local party shop. Then using a permanent marker, draw on the elements. Google the periodic table and copy some metals you may like on your table. You can find some that use the initials of your guests name if any of them stand out. Once done, make some jelly and pour it in before cooling in the fridge. I did this the night before so I didn’t need to worry if it had set.

If you really want to be accurate, use different jelly colours to group the metals together. This might be a good idea if you have alot of guests coming since you can do the entire periodic table and that would be your ultimate DIY master piece.

This is an example of how the elements are grouped together by colour.


Is it me or has cake prices gone up? A good solution is to check out our local gift delivery site and see if they have cake on there. I ordered Bubbas from Fern n Petals and chose their photo cake option. My son then chose the picture he wanted and job done. Came exactly how he liked, costing much less and actually tasted so good! Other ideas I have used in the past, is just buying a store bought simple cake (or DIY one either from scratch or a ready-made box) and printing images of the theme, sticking them on toothpicks and inserting that in the cake. Does the job.

Ordered from Fern n Petals. Cost 190aed.


Science it’s science theme, I decided to make lava lamps with the children, doesn’t require much.

Find plastic jar like containers that close tight, add one spoon of bi carb, fill the container with oil leaving gap at the top. Mix a 5 part solution of vinegar with food colouring in a separate place, before pouring it and and watching the result.

My plastic jars were from Homebox. 2 for 4aed.

Kids can take this away with them so adds up as a goodie bag gift. Since this effect lasts approx 15 mins, you can add more vinegar to it and watch the reaction all over again.

Don’t mind the fussy baby 😂

I made DIY beakers for where the kids can put their vinegar and food colouring solution. Simply draw a straight line using a ruler with a permanent marker and mark the centimeters. So simple but the kids loved it!


The actual goodie bags were from Daiso and cost 5aed each. A tad much tbh but I’m sure there’s online stores that have goodie bags for a better price.

Not a party if there isn’t goodie bags for the kids hey. So first up, I used the same science0 cutouts I used in the tables to write the thank you message to each guest. Seriously clever to use what you already got haha.

I found some space related mini Ball maze puzzle games from the craft shop. Handy if there is anything with several items in a pack so filling up bags is easier.

Who remembers Orbeez or water beads? So I bought a large pack from an online retail shop, I’m sure these can be found anywhere, and poured some into an ordinary Cellophane bag with a sealable strip. I already had a packet from a previous DIY but again these are available in all good craft shops and even Diaso. If you add the Orbeez to the bottom of the bag and spread it out, you can then roll it up and seal it at the end. This way it looks almost like a Test tube. I then added a label ‘Just add H20’ so everyone knows what it is and doesn’t eat the damn balls. (Side Note: what would happen if you eat it, would it expand in your stomache? And then will you poop out balls, omds😭 – warn parents to be careful if they’re young kids taking these goodie bags home).

Does it look like test tubes?
And this is how they look once water is added. Takes a little while to grow

The last item, is a slime mesh ball I ordered online for 2aed each. Any kind of slime works but I thought the kids will have fun with this squishy thing 😂

Ordered from too

And there we have it. Don’t forget to feed your guests, you can order in or make some sharing dishes. I did a Creamy tuna bake, a spicy chicken biryani, homemade burgers and ordered in a bucket from KFC. (All the parents are chicken lovers haha).

If all fails, chuck your kid some cardboard boxes and tell them to make a rocket. That’s what they really want anyway 😂

Bambi got upset as it wasn’t her party, so we had to sing happy birthday to her and relight the candle so she can blow it out. Dramatic.. 😂

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