How to Read a book (influencers edition)

1️⃣ Choose one that colour contrasts your outfit and the cute cafe. People NEED to see how smart you are and how influencing is just a hobby- not your fault you’re famous 💅 2️⃣ Sit in a cute position and open the book. When the waiter comes, act mysterious because that’s how you get attention for being TOTALLY unique over all the other influencers 💁‍♀️ … Continue reading How to Read a book (influencers edition)

Bittersweet End

A bittersweet 2020 has come to an end, We’ve survived e-learning and every TikTok trend. We watched our lives change due to this pandemic, Some for the better and some absolutely tragic, The world slowed down while we all sat on zoom, With teachers, with families and our loved ones who have left us too soon💔. With businesses struggling and jobs on the line, I’m … Continue reading Bittersweet End

The 3rd 1st (confused? Good. I’m always confused)

The third offspring is one years old and IM CRYING (on the inside because I got no time to😂). I can’t tell you how the year went because 2020 and covid effed us all over and she’s been in quarantine all her life, in the womb and out! Here’s my breakdown of how it’s been with 3 kids, just in case you wanted me to … Continue reading The 3rd 1st (confused? Good. I’m always confused)

Angry Kids because of Quarantine?

This bumbaclart Corona virus or Covid19 has turned everyone’s world upside down, sideways and effed it all up. Imagine what the kids are going through! The dreaded e-learning, online video calls, majority of the time spent indoors and no social life – all can lead to anger build up and negative behaviour changes. I personally have noticed severe mood swings with my kids, which build … Continue reading Angry Kids because of Quarantine?

30 Things to do With Kids During Quarantine

Covid 19 has screwed many of us over, especially school kids, because now we as parents, have to homeschool and plonk them infront of a screen to watch their teacher talk through it. – for us, Bubba is so over it, making it 10x harder for me. So here’s a list of things to do with kids at home that your child and you, just … Continue reading 30 Things to do With Kids During Quarantine