Last Day of Term..

For Bubba’s last day at nursery before summer break, we went full cute mode. Partly because I was the one having separation anxiety and NEEDED him to be not forgotten. I mean how could you? He’s cute, he’s entertaining and he’s so loving (when fully fed).  So I got bubba to draw one card for … More Last Day of Term..

2 Days left till summer break .. (contains lots of crying)

Probably the most emotional post I’ve written because his nursery (TTBN) sent home Bubbas report and I’m so proud! I’m weeping. My ovaries are weeping. Everyone’s weeping.  (A tad concerned he likes following ants around the playground but still proud!) All those mornings I’ve taken Cornflakes to the face and ran around the house looking … More 2 Days left till summer break .. (contains lots of crying)

I’m so sick

I’m so sick hence why I have been MIA for a while. It’s the ordinary cold virus; you know, coughing, sneezing, sore throat, fever, blocked nose, blocked ears, blocked face, blocked soul..etc. Now add that shitty feeling to Bubba (who ONLY wants to eat washing up powder), Bambi (who’s superglued to my nip) and Daddybasic … More I’m so sick