30 Things to do With Kids During Quarantine

Covid 19 has screwed many of us over, especially school kids, because now we as parents, have to homeschool and plonk them infront of a screen to watch their teacher talk through it. – for us, Bubba is so over it, making it 10x harder for me. So here’s a list of things to do with kids at home that your child and you, just might like. Highly recommend to plan ahead and get supplies. You can write down the activities lined for the week, organise the materials and (if you’re really OCD) label them. This helps you not run around like a headless chicken and helps older kids to be more independent.

With younger kids, you’ll just have to do everything for them, sorry. Enjoy the memories:

1. Homemade saltdough. Creative fun and won’t kill them if they eat it. 1 cup flour, 1/2 salt, 1/2 water, bit of food colouring, mix

-Use it like playdough

2. Salt dough keepsakes. Press shapes or hand print in it and bake till its hard for keepsakes (50 degrees for 2 hours) or just leave it outside in the sun or a dry area till hard. Get children to paint and create a sentimental quarantine keepsake.

3. Dinosaur fossils. Same homemade saltdough mixture, press dinosaurs toy sideways, bake and paint to make fossils. Add these into a tray of sand or soil. Give your child a brush and train them to be archeologists. You can add extra items into the tray for fun and give more props. (I just give my kids kitchen utensils like the seieve and my husband’s fluffy shaving brush – he still doesn’t know where ‘he has’ put it🤣).

3. Quick sand. Add cornflour to a tray, water and brown food colouring till mixture is think. Show that if you place your hand on the mixture, it slowly sinks you in like quick sand.

4. Long lasting playdough. 1 cup water, 1 tablespoon vegetable oil, 1/2 cup salt, 1 tablespoon cream of tartar, food colouring, 1 cup of flour. Mix everything in a saucepan expect the flour. Low heat on cooker till salt is dissolved. Stir in flour with a spoon. Wait till cool before taking out and kneeding. Store in zip lock bag at room temperature.

5. Fluffy slime using shaving foam.

6. Secret drawings or messages. Use a white crayon and draw on white paper. Get children to use water based paints to paint on the paper to reveal the secret. Older kids can make the messages themselves and experiment.

Picture credit @mumspalette

7. DIY rice bunny. You need uncooked rice, a sock, string or elastic band.

To watch the video on how to make this with me and my kids. Click here

8. DIY magic volcano. Use a small pot you don’t need (I use a small glass jar which had taco sauce inside).. Add a little white vinegar, some washing up liquid, food colouring and glitter. Mix. Then add baking soda and watch the sparkly volcano.

Pictures by me

9. Print or draw or buy paper activities. Google it, either print or make your own. Options include words searches, suduko, outline imagines for colouring, crosswords, dot-to-dots, quizzes.. Etc. We’ve been loving diaramas that tell a story.

Diarama of an Islamic story of Zam Zam water. Free to download on http://www.wawstories.com

10. For kids who can read, create or print a empty word search and laminate. (I just stick the paper with clear cellotape). Use a whiteboard pen to create your own word search for another family member. Easy to wipe away to make another.

11. Egg shell smash. Start cracking your eggs by making a hole at the top and save the shell till you have enough for this game. Draw a shape or letter or word on the shell which the matching image on a cardboard paper. Provide a toy hammer or something to smash. Egg must sit on top of the matching image and smash. Make it harder for older kids, probably will help that quarantine anger😅

Picture credit: @polkadottycat

12. Treasure hunt around the house. Get creative with good hiding spots and good clues. For younger kids just draw where the next clue is, for other ages, write clues that suit their reading age. You choose what you want the treasure to be. I just put their old toys at the end or chocolates if I’m feeling up to scrubbing the walls. Can make a treasure map. Older kids can make their own map with teabags on paper and burning the edges (who didn’t love to do that as a kid?).

13. Mosaic paintings. Can make a Rainbow fish with finger or cotton bud. Draw a fish template (bigger the better) and let kids dip finger into paint and like mosaic style, press to make scales. Older kids can do more complicated pictures.

14. DIY sewing. Have you seen these sewing activities for children where there’s holes around a picture and the child has to use a string or shoelace to weave in and out? Make your own; hole punch a paper plate, draw any picture you like. With any string, ribbon or shoelace lying around, you’ve just made your own version. Older kids can do the whole process by themselves.

15. Bubble foam. Add 2/3 cups of water, 1/4 cornflour. Mix till no lumps. Add 1/3 cups of tear free soap and good colouring. Mix together and voila. I use a hand mixer, takes a couple of seconds for bubbles.

16. Car wash with toys. Or wash any toys. Can simply just wash them or make it fun by mixing shaving cream and food colouring together and put on the toys to clean. I use a brown food colouring and wash outside so you don’t waste water. Grass gotta drink too.

17. Chalk the ground outside. They’re inexpensive online or in store.

18. Masking tape a hopscotch game indoors. Can use this idea for a race track, parking lot on the ground, zigzag on the floor for balancing game etc.

19. Imaginative play with boxes. Atm my kids are in to space, planets and astronauts. So I give them a box to make Rockets. Also have used their clear box container that holds their Lego and cheap colored whiteboard pens so the design can be wiped off and box reused.

20. Edible paint. Cool whip and food colouring.

21. Kids to made their own story book. We stuck leaves and other random materials on ours. This saved me a night from reading a storybook before bed as I made them read their own😂

22. Magnet fishing game. Cut out fishes, stick magnets in the back of them or paper clips on them. Use a magnet on a string to ‘fish’ the fishes.

Yes, bambi’s tent at the back is dead

23. Frozen toys in Icecubes and use salt to help them escape. (I’ve only done this once, kids loved it but it wasted the salt and hello we in lockdown, aint going outside again for more salt). .

24. Colour lolly domino’s. Add colour stickers to end of lolly sticks and get kids to play domino’s.

Picture credit: @whatshallweplaytoday

25. Make a memory game. Fold and quater a piece of paper, draw pictures or words/numbers. Cut them out like flashcard style and face down on the floor. Turn over to see the image and match to a different one.

26. P. E. On YouTube. We love The Body Coach, Cosmic Yoga and Go Noodle.

27. Homemade paint. 1/2 cup all purpose flour, 1 tablespoon fine salt, 2 cups of water and food colouring. Mix flour and salt in a deep pan on a medium flame on cooker, whisk in the water slowly. Let it cool transfer to pot and then add food colouring. Another one that won’t kill your kids if they eat it. For older kids, add washing up liquid or glitter or confetti.

28. Go on an airplane. At home, obviously.

Picture credit @jessicasmith27

29. Google 3D animals. Was actually so much fun! Google search any animal and press in view 3D.

30. Toilet roll crafts. Hold on to empty rolls to make cute crafts. Google or YouTube for ideas. We made a fox.

If all fails. Bribery. Lego, TV, iPad, mentos in Coke, a 2 hour bath, obstacle courses, movies or risk it all and lick a doorknob.

(just a joke, don’t do that)…. Godspeed.

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