Angry Kids because of Quarantine?

This bumbaclart Corona virus or Covid19 has turned everyone’s world upside down, sideways and effed it all up. Imagine what the kids are going through! The dreaded e-learning, online video calls, majority of the time spent indoors and no social life – all can lead to anger build up and negative behaviour changes.

I personally have noticed severe mood swings with my kids, which build up and then we have terrible meltdown days, which then stresses me out and then we all are angry. Right now it’s crazy but you’re doing so well, don’t forget that. No one’s licking the car door handles or rolling around the street naked 🤣.. Many child psychologists say that these emotions the kids are going through, are actually grief and loss. Children may feel abandoned by their teachers or friends, confused why they can’t do fun things outside all because of a virus they can’t see. However now that we are well into the lockdown, many children have been accepting this new reality. I know my kids have accepted the ‘sillybumbum virus’ is out there but still have anger outbursts.

Never the less, here are some ideas which are helping my kids deal with this anger that might help.

Make a Bubbly Lava Lamp

Lava lamps are noitroius for calming children and even adults down, you watch the bubbles and colour and the focus helps blur everything else out. It definitely works to help drown out the noise and in turn slows breathing, heart rate and you feel much calmer. Try it, you got nothing to loose since it doubles up as an activity to do with the kids and aren’t we always looking for that during this lockdown?


What you will need

– a bottle or Mason jar with a lid

-baking soda or bicarbonate of soda

– vegetable oil or baby oil

– vinegar

– food colouring

How to make

1. Pour 1 teaspoon of baking soda in the jar

2. Fill jar with cooking oil leaving an inch from the top

3. Drop food colouring into a separate bowl with 5 teaspoons of vinegar. (The general rule is 1 part baking soda to 5 parts vinegar)

4. Pour the vinegar mixture into the oil and watch the lava bubbles.

For more effect, add a light source under the jar. This effect will last approx 15 minutes whereby you can add more colour and vinegar mixture into the oil. We love this one better than the ones you have to add a tablet to.

Photo credit : YouLab on YouTube

2. Make a Coping Kit

Same concept as a first aid kid, make your child a Coping kit for when times get seriously tough. Contents should be things they enjoy and love that makes them happy like a picture of a puppy, gummy bears, puzzles and even bubble wrap! I always save bubble wrap for a rainy day. Even helps me!

Photo credit:

3. Cool down

You can get all sorts of funky shapes and sizes ice packs. These are great for changing the sensation and distracting kids from their anger, so keep them in the freezer. Eye packs or cucumbers on eyes are also a good cooling idea. The idea is mainly sensory and works for my kids, something about the cool touch effect seems to help their brain de-fizzale (is that even a word).

4. Warm Up

Another distraction idea is warm up! If you can get them to do exercise and we love The Body Coach TV on YouTube and Cosmic kids. I think everyone knows that exercise sends happy hormones to your brain and during these covid times, you need to get energy out of the kids.

Obstacle courses with random things inside the house is a fun idea I like to do with the kids, makes it exciting when they choose to put the obstacles there themselves. Right now it’s been a while in quarantine so motivation for exercise has been going down and I’m noticing more mood swings. So I’ve invented P. E. Treasure Hunt, where the clues require you to work out before finding the next clue. At the end though it’s left over chocolate eggs from Easter😂

To see more of what we get up to, follow me on Instagram :@mamabasic

5. Expressing those emotions

A feelings chart is a great way to help children who are frustrated and angry but can’t express themselves. You can out it someonewjere that’s viable and when your child is feeling anger, they can tell you what number there one and explain a little bit why. If your child just says number 5. You can help break this down by explaining that they’ve probably gone from a number 1 to a number 2, they’ve might have even gone from 2 to 3. It might help to ask how can you help help your child not to reach a 4 for exaplin, and your child might find it easier to give you an seer, in which case, address the emotion, validate the situation rather than the behaviour and be reasonable. Kids pick up everything, especially if you get mad. Trust me it’s hard I know.

Good luck and I hope this helps in some shape or form!

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