Potty Training (First Attempts)

It has begun. Time to sowly start potty training Bubba coz it”s got to be better than fly kicks while changing diarrhoea nappies right? FML. Does this glamous job of dodging flying shit to the face, ever end? Nope. And now having to aim it into a non-face-like hole is every parents challenge, because obviously it’s not as pleasing to the migits. Also now you … Continue reading Potty Training (First Attempts)

A Trip to Children’s City, Dubai

These scorching summer times in the sandpit means it’s pretty hard to go out often with 2 kids without wishing Jesus himself descended down with a handful of toddler tranquillizer sausages and a memory wiping fidget spinner. So we took a trip to Children’s City to see the interactive museum, specifically the planets bit because Bubba is obsessed with planets and I figured he could … Continue reading A Trip to Children’s City, Dubai

10 Things Toddlering Has Taught Me..

Being a first time owner of a toddler, here are some things I have learnt. For any parent entering toddlerhood, here’s the lowdown…  1. You don’t own them. They own you. Fullstop. Period. Move along .. *sobs* 2. You don’t need your smart phone right? That’s great! because you’ll be paying monthly to be locked out of it for the entire day and have a … Continue reading 10 Things Toddlering Has Taught Me..

Nursery Shenanigans

So my little one started attending nursery in November and now currently in January- nothings changed. He’s going 3 days a week at Toddler Town British Nursery (TTBN, who are da bomb btw).. and it’s been an adjustment to say the least; here is how it went/ going… November-December Omg… My baby’s off to nursery without me… in a classroom with an actual teacher and … Continue reading Nursery Shenanigans