1st Baby vs 2nd Baby

Second time around things are a lot different. The main difference is I had to change my entire peaceful life for the first, and the second one .. well she’s come into the shitstorm also called my house. Because these kids shit real storms 😐 get it? Get it?  Here is my handy list of comparisons for you to deserve to down shots to.. Guest’s … Continue reading 1st Baby vs 2nd Baby

Anxiety & Loneliness of Motherhood

This is going to be a raw vulnerable post. Without the potty mouthed sense of humour. Because motherhood can be a lonely road. Unfortunately for me, it’s a lonely journey in every aspect I never thought I would face. This has been tough to post but I’ve realised I shouldn’t be scared what people think of me.. this is the precise reason why I began … Continue reading Anxiety & Loneliness of Motherhood

I Had A Baby Girl!

SUPRRISEEE! I didn’t blog about it or make it public because honestly I can’t be dealing with constantly replying to d&%heads with shitty questions. Like I legit got asked if I’m 100% sure I’m not having twins because I look rounder.. b*#&% I’ll give you a ’rounder’ lump on your head! “This one has to be a girl, otherwise you got to try again”.. b*#&% wot … Continue reading I Had A Baby Girl!

10 Things Toddlering Has Taught Me..

Being a first time owner of a toddler, here are some things I have learnt. For any parent entering toddlerhood, here’s the lowdown…  1. You don’t own them. They own you. Fullstop. Period. Move along .. *sobs* 2. You don’t need your smart phone right? That’s great! because you’ll be paying monthly to be locked out of it for the entire day and have a … Continue reading 10 Things Toddlering Has Taught Me..