“Too Hot to Move” Summer Days Activities.

It’s too hot, sticky, humid and disgusting. The floor is literally lava. Lava with a strong foreign B.O smell and frankly I don’t want to carry 20 water bottles, lug around a small child who WILL refuse to sit in the buggy and chase a toddler stealing watermelon printed goods (true story, I had to pay outta my arse when he broke it). There are … Continue reading “Too Hot to Move” Summer Days Activities.

Anxiety & Loneliness of Motherhood

This is going to be a raw vulnerable post. Without the potty mouthed sense of humour. Because motherhood can be a lonely road. Unfortunately for me, it’s a lonely journey in every aspect I never thought I would face. This has been tough to post but I’ve realised I shouldn’t be scared what people think of me.. this is the precise reason why I began … Continue reading Anxiety & Loneliness of Motherhood