How to Read a book (influencers edition)

1️⃣ Choose one that colour contrasts your outfit and the cute cafe. People NEED to see how smart you are and how influencing is just a hobby- not your fault you’re famous 💅

2️⃣ Sit in a cute position and open the book. When the waiter comes, act mysterious because that’s how you get attention for being TOTALLY unique over all the other influencers 💁‍♀️ don’t forget to say your an influencer so presentation has to be on point

3️⃣ Place book down next to the coffee and proceed to take 284728 pictures with an apologetic smile to those around. You can’t help it if your famous. Don’t forget to let them know you’re an influencer 🙏

4️⃣ Start sipping your coffee and refreshing your DMs to see if you’re any more famous than you were 5 seconds ago. Continue to read and keep refreshing every 2 minutes. You’re an influencer. People need you.

5️⃣ Act surprised when you get the bill, you thought you were eating for free. Didn’t they know, you’re an influencer?

Basically: never forget you’re an influencer

Asiya mamabasic

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