10 Funny Parenting Tweets

Incase you didn’t know, I’m somewhat a funny tweeter and meme-er. You can head to my Twitter page @mamabasicmemes or head to Instagram and type in #mamabasicmemes to head a right laugh.

Here are 10 to laugh at:

1. Welcome to the Hood🥲

If you’re a new parent and don’t understand this.. YOU WILL SOON LEARN😂 .. The rest of us can tell you that even dirt isn’t safe from the fingernails or saliva of little midgets.

2. Oh and..

Something to add to the identity crisis😂

3. Essentials don’t exist

You thought you needed those plasters when you accidentally got chopped up from the sharp ass pointy masters OF DEATH lego pieces and oozing blood? Nope you’re left with half coloured paper or if you’re lucky, a tea towel to stop the blood. Or you might be REALLY lucky and have toilet rolls that your child hasn’t unrolled and dunked in the toilet. * twitches *

4. Modern workhouse?

They act like they’re in one🙃 .. The victorian workhouses where institutions in England to home the poor and unemployed. Usually kids had to do some sort of labour to earn their stay and would get punished if they didn’t do well. It’s actually quite sad but now these midgets live with me for free and can’t pick up their own socks🥲 …. At least we’ve come far in history..😅

5. Patience runs thin

Honestly your sanity will be tested. This is all.

6. Nursery Rhymes are dark

Actually a lot of the nursery rhymes you sing are actually really morbid and originates from some crazy ass story. Did you know “ring a round the rosie” is about people dying from the Plague in England as their rashes on their skin was in a ring shape and red in colour 😳 Or “ Mary, Mary quite contrary” is about Queen Mary and her garden (graveyard) of anyone that pissed her off?.

7. Everyday. Same question

No one knows the answer. No one will own up.

8. Tired is an understatement

Visual representation is spot on if you ask me🤣🤣

9. Pennywise? Is that you bestie?

Where in your home do you get privacy from tiny sticky hands?

A) in my bathroom

B) in my bedroom

C) nowhere

If you answered c, come bestie let’s go🤣


There isn’t one. Get used to shit being incomplete when you have kids. This is a life lesson.

Basic must- have : a poster of Queen Mary for your inner thoughts to idolize.

Asiya mamabasic

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