Hellooo! It’s been a minute since I’ve blogged on here, well half a year 🤦‍♀️ but I hope you guys follow my antics on Instagram😂

Like the title says, forget that my eldest kid, Bubba, is turning six, IVE BEEN A MUM FOR SIX YEARS! First of all, round of an applause to me for making it this far with everyone intact (somewhat)- them not me. I went on to abuse my uterus and have two more babies but we CLOSING SHOP NOW BOYS🤣 (I hope, don’t wanna jinx myself right now)

How is it like having a six year old Asiya you make ask. Does it get better Asiya you may ask. The answer is no. These lil shits grow up to continue to be lil shits 😂 Every age group has its own challenges and I’m at the stage where I STILL have no clue what I’m doing. Bare in mind I’ve never done parenting a six year old job before (duh) and never had or was remotely interested in watching my cousins grow up- so zero knowledge.

A summary of the shit I don’t know why it’s happening is as follows:

1. Bubba has a shark tooth growing. Yes shark. It’s growing behind his baby teeth and I read that it will absorb the roots so the baby teeth fall out. Like WTH?! Reminds me of the scene from predators when it opens its mouth to rows of teeth. Ew. But apparently it’s totally normal. Who would have thought.

2. The attitude. I was not ready for that 😂 below is a real conversation I’ve had with him

Bubba fighting and not caring about his younger sisters, aged 4 and 1-

Me: Bubba you need to look after your sisters, you’re the big brother so please include them in your games and don’t fight..

Him: ok but I didn’t chooooose to be a big brother

Me: 😶

Him: you chose to have them 😤 (whilst pointing at my lower tummy)

Cue me and my uterus in absolute SHOCK.

3. Technology Brat. NGL this generation scares me. Obviously I don’t help by allowing the kids to use the iPad at home when I’m loosing my shit and need some peace. But in school he’s required to use an iPad to upload his work for marking too. Some kids in his class have iphones! I was shocked when he told me so I’ve decided to buy a gps tracker watch (or ankle bracelet) so I can just track him till he’s 18.

Don’t @ me about InVaSiOn Of PrIvAcY because these lil shits won’t pick up their phones from their mum ANYWAY.

Did you growing up? (I did and then ran to an area where there’s no boys voices in the background, to call back🤣)


What we did: Birthday Play date at Woo-Hoo (Al Qouz 1, Dubai)

To celebrate six years of attitude, we did a play date at a children’s museum called Woo-Hoo, a place that is absolutely epic. Check it out here.

Although he wanted BOYS ONLY we had to bring his sisters and for that he rolled his eyes and said fiiiiiiiine then. Cheeky sod.

There are so many galleries to choose from but the splash pad was the favourite.

The theme I went with is Galaxy since we have done the planets theme 6482939 times before. Within my play date package, I also opted for a galaxy coloured tie dye t-shirt workshop. The t-shirts they got to take home was the goodie bag sorted but I also found a GEM in Mumzworld’s app! (If you don’t know, mumzworld has everything and if you use the code ‘basic10’ you get 10% off) yaaaaas to discounts!!!!

Anyway I found this space book for 5aed!!! That’s £1 – which is bloody amazing in dubai!

I then made a bookmark that I’m so bloody proud of! I want to act like it was difficult but it was piss easy. Canva-bookmark template-upload background- upload planets- add some text-done.

Got some galaxy themed cupcakes and called it a wrap.

Now time to watch Netflix with a fat box of digestive biscuits without the tea. I knowww I knowwww- I just hate tea ok 🤣

BASICALLY shattered.

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