Bittersweet End

A bittersweet 2020 has come to an end,

We’ve survived e-learning and every TikTok trend.

We watched our lives change due to this pandemic,

Some for the better and some absolutely tragic,

The world slowed down while we all sat on zoom,

With teachers, with families and our loved ones who have left us too soon💔.

With businesses struggling and jobs on the line,

I’m glad we are expressing more and not just saying ‘I’m fine’.

2020 taught me that I am so strong,

But also how to be humble and admit when I am wrong,

I’m proud I can put my hand up and say I tried,

Tried to help many families whilst my own heart cried.

I don’t know if it will be a happy new year ahead,

But I do know we have become so much more grateful for our food, homes and bed.

So here’s to 2021 the chapter still unread,

I pray we all get to wake up to a beautiful world once again💕

New year view from my balcony

#happynewyear #dontforgetourheros

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