Nursery to Big School

So Dubai isn’t like the UK, where kids can get into any school that is within their catchment and then it’s free education till university and parents can actually pay for their rent/mortgage. In Dubai, all good British schools have a wait list with some kids being in there for THREE YEARS! Bloody bonkers I tell you!

So initially I wanted Bubba to do Fs1 at our favourite nursery, Toddler Town British Nursery, because big school is scary okay. Toddler Town doesn’t have Fs2 classes so basically you have to find a big school for your child to go to. Now the problem is, in most “very good” or “outstanding” British school start with FS1 onwards, so FS1 kids all stay in the school and go on to Fs2 together, making it impossible for an external child to even get a seat! Confused yet?

Booking school tours and checking out schools was such a mission! Some had fantastic facilities but questionable teachers, some had amazing results but a 2k waiting list. Now let’s not forget the fees which you have to pay for because private education. If the company you or or husband work for has a partnership with the school; then it works out better for you.

Next comes applications. To apply to a school of your choice,

1. You got to do it as soon as the waiting lists open (in my case alot of them were on the 1st of October) and

2. You have to PAY 500aed (£100) to submit it. So you’ll be forking out approx 1,500aed (£300) on approx 3 schools where 2 your child will not go to. Wahey -. – so choose wisely.

Assessments. The most dreaded word for me. Your child will then be assessed either at their current nursery or you have to go into the new school for like a play date. They look at if your child is potty trained or getting the hang of it, behaviour.. Etc.. Different schools look out for different things like manners for example. Some schools don’t do assessments but observations rather which get on the floor and actually play with your child (that’s my kind of school!)

Once accepted, and you send in all the info needed and you feel proud you did parenting right.. You get slapped with a welcome pack WITH THE WORLD’S MOST DEMANDS like school uniform from a certain shop, certain colour socks and shoes with velcro, a different outfit for sports kit with different colour shoes and socks, a certain type of lunch box and snack and swimming costume and A MILLION OTHER THINGS.

It is Bubbas 3rd day at big school today and I’m still trying to get the grips on what the heck is going on.

So Good luck to me 😭

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