10 ways that kids are EXACTLY like cats:

1. Always sticking their hand or tongue in YOUR water because everything you consume must be blessed with the touch of saliva and a mouth you have no idea where it’s been.

2. They like to eat your/loose your/put things in your shoes just to make sure to keep you in your toes (literally)

3. Randomly wake up at 2am, energetic and ready to play with beaming eyes and if you are not awake, tough luck..

4. You find a pile of missing items under the bed, pushed back just beyond their reach. (it’s hilarious how short their arms

5. You’ll pay an arm and a leg for toys to entertain them with; light up stuff, musical stuff, light up and musical stuff but yet they will prefer a large cardboard box they can fit inside.

6. They will eat the SAME meal they “liked” yesterday and hate it today. So all those cans you bought whilst going bankrupt buying will go to waste.

7. Most likely cough up everything they ate in a corner and act completely oblivious to what just happened.

8. Anything on your dressing table needs touching and pushing off the edge because ooo this is a pretty candle MUST DESTORY.

9. They sometimes panic and run around the house like they’re on fire. No reason or explanation given.

10. They want your attention as soon as you pay attention to something other than them.. “You’re doing something? Oh, let me just press some keys on your laptop and push it off your lap so the blue screen of death starts. Oh look, what a shame, now let me while I massage your thighs with my claws.”

Okay okay.. Maybe I am being a little disrespectful and should really praise the absolute beauty of a cat licking itself clean without being told. 👏




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