Champion Cleaners, the actual Champions

Champion Cleaners is a cleaning company in Dubai that clean just about everything, including rugs, mattress, clothes, shoes and bags (yes even non-designer ones😂 #primarkforlife). So I sent off two pairs of shoes to get cleaned; purely because the two shoes were on their last legs and I wanted to save them because one was Tory Burch and the other Nike.. so like helloooo, I had to!

The Tory Burch leather flat shoes are mine, gifted to me by the husband (because he was absolutely sick of my primark ones with no soles) and let’s say I used and abused those shoes lol. Because of the light color and white stitching, every ounce of dirt, sand, spit and sudocream became VERY visable to a point a stranger once asked me if my shoes were customade because the color was strange. Yes mate, I wear customade shoes with sudocream wipes for fun.. Soo Dubai. . True Story that my second kid, Bambi, likes to put mud from the indoor plants in my shoes before stomping and mashing it all in. *twitches*

After Champion Cleaners cleaned it and dropped it off, I swear to god I was shook! Looks brand new again and came in a professional Champion Cleaners box with a scented teabag, a sanitizer packet and shoe molds. All the stitching was white again, the soles were mud free and the shape I’d the shoe was as if it was brand new!

Also the box HAD HANDLES. How bloody thoughtful is that. And this is how they normally give it btw, it’s not because I’m a blogger and they hoping for a good review 😂

The other pair, the Nike Trainers are my husbands and he wears them pretty much everyday, so I thought I’d send them off to see how good a trainer can be cleaned because once I stuck my gym trainers into the washing machine to clean them and they turned into a soggy .. Luckily professionals know what they are doing so this one came back beautifully clean, teabagged (no no that kind of teabagged) and odourised too. I was very impressed with the bottom rubber of the trainers because it looks like it never was worn walking over scorching hot FIRERY tiny glass pieces in the Middle East (aka sand).

The service was 10/10: Guy arrived at my house to take the shoes on the exact time I gave. Once done (took 2 days) I was contacted and set up delivery, one hour later, bang on time a guy delivered it. #timemanagementgoals

Cleaning service for shoes 10/10: clean shoes and boxes and deodorizers and teabags and box with handles .. like what can I complain about?

Totally recommend! Like can you see the state of my shoes before 👀

Check out Champion Cleaners on social media:

@Champion Cleaners

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