DUBAI PLATINUM CINEMA Experience by Reel Cinemas @ Dubai Mall

This was my first time going to the platinum cinema screens at Dubai Mall by Reel Cinemas because me and the husband haven’t been to the cinema together for the past 3 YEARS ?! So we decided to go for the luxury experience and boy was it luxury or what!

Reel Cinemas Platinum Screen Dubai Mall Premium lounge available 130aed per ticket (approx. £25) Reclining leather sofas (lazy boy) F&B waiter service & Full menu Table and lamp in between paired seating Free blanket and pillow given Individual buzzers for service at any time

We booked the tickets online as we thought it may possibly be full if we buy the tickets at the counter in Dubai Mall, because everyone is about the luxury life here. So we booked in to watch Kingsman: The Golden Circle at a 10pm via the Reel Cinema website, which makes you download the app, choose your seats and pay for the ticket. We assumed there would be a secret encrypted barcode to show the lady behind the counter, but nothing, so that was a tad confusing. Thankfully when we got there, they figured it out from us just saying which movie we booked in to see. Thank you technology (simetimes). We then went up the elevator to level 10 (the top floor), there are dedicated elevators that go to the top floor so have a look at the sign in the middle of the hallway area. The 10th floor looked amazing, with many film related statues and decoration pieces like a lifesize model of The Thing from Fantastic 4. I would recommend just having a look around and getting selfies with everything 😉.. m Go up the esclators for the platinum screening area, where someone will check your ticket and direct you to the cinema loune if your movie has not started yet. The lounge felt straight out of a hollwood movie, with big chandeliers, statement seating areas, area to watch your food being cooked and a bar! We got given a big leather menu book and honestly I thought this was a restaurant. “I don’t want to eat before a movie otherwise I’d be too full for my popcorn”, I thought Oh how wrong was I! I honestly thought there would be another counter when we head out of here, where I can buy my popcorn and slush (got to love slush when watching a movie!). That “restaurant” IS the measly counter we are used to 😂 .. You order whatever you would like INSIDE the cinema here! But don’t worry, you get the menu again when you actually sitdown in your seats### sofa. The walk up to the cinema room was exciting. You can tell the red carpet beneath you is very high quality with mustard coloured seating areas on the sides that are luxury tall quilted sofas.. perfect for posed pictures #becauseselfielife .. We were the first person to walk into the screen room and HAT DAYMN, the soft comfortable seats, the table inbetween with pull out sections on both sides, the cute lamp, the VERY large screen .. absolute dream.

Got given the menu and a blanket and pillow each as soon as we sat down. Now at the lounge area, I didn’t really look at the menu properly, but this time I was having a good look and was very surprised. Snacks, appitizers, sandwiches, pastas, burgers, desserts, even a mezze platter; chuck in a mixed grill and shwarma and I’m calling this home (the kids can fend for themselves 😂).

But seriously how do people watch a movie if you have to keep looking at your food to make sure you poked a pasta and not punctured your left lung.. or is it just me? We ordered: Regular size Caramel Popcorn, Trio Beef Burger Sliders and Chips, Gourmet Nachos, Fresh Orange Juice, Mixed flavoured Slush, Water. And you know what. EVERYTHING was so damn tasty. They came out with all this 5 minutes after ordering! Finally relaxed (after a couple of selfies 🤣), I laid back, feet up, wrapped in that blanket and I reach out to get my drink.. and .. I’m too short. Can’t reach it. That’s the only sad part.. you got everything right Reel Cinemas, but why doesn’t your table go down for short people like me 😢.. The slush used to always be the highlight of my cinema experiences, it’s so easy to keep lifting up and putting down the plastic cup that the slush comes in. Here the slush comes in a glass glass, so I felt well fancy 😍 but also like I was doing bicep curls😂 ..During the movie it was tad distracting when a waiter would come to serve someone infront of us with food or drink but thank goodness they don’t hang around and are super quiet. What an EPIC experience! Going to a normal cinema screen will never be the same again.

Definitely highly recommend to try this experience at least once (or twice 😉).

#dubailuxuries #winning

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