Breastfeeding in Dubai

In case you didn’t know, it’s World Breastfeeding Week and as I’m currently breastfeeding Bambi on demand, let’s talk boobs. They hurt. They leak. They need pads. They cannot be de-attached (I tried). The milk is the best form of nutrition for your little one. But sometimes we can’t Effing do it! #realtalk

I love breastfeeding for reasons such as no washing up and no sterilising is required, no midnight runs to the local shop for Aptmil and definitely love breastfeeding for the times it works better than a pacifier to milk drunk the kid before Jeremy Kyle starts (yes I’m petty)… But at the same time I dislike it for making my life so bloody awkward trying to keep a scarf balancing in mid air to cover the giant udder, but not suffocating the kid, then having to take a peep because she’s pulled away and risking exposing everything whilst your spraying onto your knees.. True story. Only the scarf did get yanked down and the breast pad got launched to the floor, which was picked up by a confused male employee, who tried to make eye contact with me as he took it to the trash. I have never been back since. (Who can keep a wiggly baby covered anyway?)

I hate the feeding in public part because I’m already an anxious mess and I’m too paroniod being seen as a human cow. I asked a fellow Dubai mummy blogger, how does she does it?, After seeing a picture on Instagram of her breastfeeding in the middle of Gucci at Dubai mall with local Arabs gawping.. she replied “Would you like to eat your lunch in the toilet? No, so be confident”. Erm okay. Firstly, you can’t randomly just BE confident and who in the blue hell just sits in Gucci and has their lunch? (that being said, if this is a thing- SIGN. ME. UP.. preferably if the food is provided)… I guess she’s trying to say, make breastfeeding suit around you.. i.e. when shopping and we shouldn’t be ashamed of doing something so natural. Which is very true.

It’s just having people staring at me that freaks me the F out, and if it’s local Arabs – I admit I’d be a tad self conscious due to their wealth/status/power and in case anyone gets offended. But I learnt that they’re really not that bad😂. It’s actually part of the Arab culture to nurse till age 2!.. In Dubai there are dedicated areas for breastfeeding but when I’ve used them I’ve died sweating .. but good idea for mums whos own body is not out to kill them.. Now, after many attempts of discreet public feeding, I have sort of got the hang of it.


Tips for discreet Breastfeeding in Dubai

  • You can cover with a scarf or nursing covers. Will take practise and patience to master.
  • Can sit in secluded areas like a far booth or choose a seat facing away at a resturant
  • Wear a nursing bra obvvv
  • Wear a vest and t-shirt in top. Pull up the t-shirt and pull down the vest and nursing bra .. no veiny udder or wobbly saggy tummy in sight- magic
  • Or wear a top/dress specifically made for breastfeeding mums.. (you can find at maternity shops, some kids shops and online)
  • Many malls have breastfeeding dedicated rooms
  • Use changing rooms; some baby shops have nice big ones with comfy chairs. Some shops don’t have chairs, so just check it out really.
  • Feed in the car; I just use my hand and hair to cover the top part of my boob but noone really inspects the inside of cars anyway and perfect AC!


If in doubt or lack confidence like me, pump and bottle feed. Ignore the haters! If you’re formula feeding, it’s really not the end of the world either.

I haaaate the debate, breastfeeding vs formula, the judgey mums and the general b*tching. I’m sorry how does a mother WHO FEEDS HER CHILD affect your life in anyway way? Seriously have no idea why mothers are so obsessed with enforcing guilt.. I can barely make out a sentence before lunch time and yall got energy for verbal diarrhoea all day.

With Bubba, I found breastfeeding SO difficult that they bleeding everyday but refused to switch to bottle due to fear that I will be cast out from the universe and dumped on God’s shit humans list. The pressure is tough for new mums! He was combination fed from 5-7 months and I found I had to explain myself everytime I pulled out a bottle. This time with Bambi, I’ve made it 6 months exclusive breastfeeding but now adding 1 bottle of formula before bedtime and give expressed milk when out and about (*gasp, fall and die*).

Every mother has a different experience and different life.

Do what you can do to breastfeed mama but if you can’t – it’s okay! God forbid a woman who can’t breastfeed pulls out a bottle and THE WORLD EXPLODES!!

#Guccilunches #fedisbest #starvingisnot


4 Comments Add yours

  1. tam says:

    I was in Dubai Airport once and a woman breastfeeding her baby… maybe not so discreetly got hella told off by female security. I had to listen to the whole thing happening behind me whilst waiting for the stupid conveyer belt to spit out my bag. Worst ten minutes. Ever.


    1. mamabasic says:

      She should’ve just been told nicely! :O .. I’ve seen women feeding openly at the malls and noones said anything.. generally you’re supposed to be discreet and LOL DXB is just a mission 🤣


  2. Milky Mammy says:

    Interesting read! I didn’t even think you’d be allowed to feed in Dubai tbh! Crazy they sound more welcoming to it than we are in the uk….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mamabasic says:

      Defo agree, when I was breastfeeding back when I lived in the UK, was a tad hard. Was refused to use store changing rooms too.. 😕

      Liked by 1 person

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