Bambi Got Holey Earlobes!!

Or pierced.. whatever..  

My initial thought when daddybasic bought up the topic was no.. but he kept insisting that the earlier the better. Probably true because when I first got my ears pierced at flipping 7 years old with a piercing gun, shiiiiiit did it effing hurt. And I still remember it. I bawled my eyes out. On the way there. There. Way back. I still remember being at a gold shop, wearing a hideous oversized jumper (because I need to still fit in it 20 years later – talk about value for money) and then being forced to pose for a picture. Best believe my moody ass face sending knives through the lense.

We got recommended the best place for piercings is KYRA at the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park as they do something called inverness piercings ..

Well shit. It’s magic.

Yaaaaaas b*#&* pain freeee.. kind of..

Rang them up and was told we need to get it done sooner than later because she’ll start grabbing her ears soon. 

So we went there, me partially bawling and her yelling so Jesus himself can hear her from in the heavens.. walked in and immediately loved the bushy background thing. 

I want it as carpet. So I can sleep and tell the migit I’m a log. 

We get to see the selection of earrings to choose from and for such a simple task – it took bloody forever to decide. We definately wanted it to be real gold but the actual design.. I developed arthritis by the time we decided.

Meanwhile she got numbing cream put on both ear lobes. Bambi was well interested in eating the cream. In fact I wanted to eat it too.. why the hell not? Numb tongue, mouth, voice, face, life..

Next job, marking the centre of the ear lobes. LORDDDDDDDD it took forever. 

The kids yanking my vest (for the lady who was watching me.. YES I am in a maternity vest from 2014, my hair is an unhydrated-urine colour and I may or may not have a permanently twitchy eyeball), one lady tryna measure her earlobe with a ruler, other lady distracting everyone with some kind of effed up Moana river dance with a stuffed zebra, daddybasic waving his phone around like a Slipknot drummer and me in the middle taking selfies and croaking singing the Paw Patrol theme song.. pa pa pa paw patrollll duhh nuhh nuhhnuhh doublee. No jobs to big no pups yo smalll lalalala paw patrollll.. Needless to say, the entire shop was terrified. (That lady deserved it).

There is actually a dedicated section for piercings but whoever was in there was probs getting their kidneys pierced with how long it was taking. So we just agreed to do this palava in the open.

During the actual piercing she cried at first but some distraction and a gobful of boob, she fell asleep. 

“Bet you’re happy I awoke Jesus now ey?!”

The after care is pretty easy, clean round front and back of piercing with a cotton bud and the solution 2 times a day. She hasn’t cried when I’ve done it or rotated it or pressed it against my arm to nurse..

Well shit, that was bloody easy.

We chose a 24k gold flower stud in the end.. How cute is that though?! 

Told you she’s alright.. (I am not dangling the kitten behind the camera).

For piercings in Dubai, I defo recommend KYRA in the Gold and Diamond Park. Friendly, professional and can speak English. 😂

Piercings: Free / 24k Gold Earrings: 500aed / Cleaning solution : 30aed. (Earring prices start from 150aed)

*no kittens where harmed in the makings of this blog**

Here’s proof:



6 Comments Add yours

  1. tam says:

    Oh my God. I am in stitches. Glad she’s okay Alahmdulilah… tbh, if I ever have kids, I think I will just leave it until she’s older and she can decide. So I can say, “well, you wanted it,” as I shrug nonchalantly. To which my mother gave me a cold stare and a slow-mo clap whilst saying, “shabash, you pansy” 😂😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mamabasic says:

      Ahahaha! Omds I wish I was there to see your face😂😂 .. if my kid is anything like me, shes going to ask for more piercings!🤔 .. did you ever get anymore?


      1. tam says:

        Nah. I barely fill the ones I have in. I had mine done when I was like 2 weeks old. Back in the motherland this is very okay.


      2. mamabasic says:

        In dubai, After I bloody gave birth, they asked me if I wanted it done. WTF right?!


      3. tam says:

        Oh. Then no. I was only 7 days old when I had it done. I just doubled it incase the NSPCC was reading 🤣🤣🤣


      4. mamabasic says:

        AHAHA they’re a lil too late anyway 😂


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