Toddler Meal Ideas (easy as shit)

Getting a 2 year old to ACTUALLY eat is a flipping nightmare. Some would rather attempt to eat the Dettol handwash than human food. I’ve been there done that, it does get better! My general rule is keep it simple and colourful. Anything I can whip up with one hand and half a body is a win.

Plus points if I can leave it on low heat and forget about it and it’s done. 

Here’s some toddler meal ideas I’ve made my kid, that don’t require too many braincells and can be done partially unconscious. 

1. Giving-a-shit Fish Fingers & co


  • Pan fried White Fillet fish 
  • Boiled broccoli
  • Potato mash 
  • Spinach mash 
  • Chopped fruits
  • Organix crisps

– White Fillet fish cut into squares, rub in salt and pepper and shallow fry in coconut oil.

– Boil potatoes, broccoli and spinach together, drain. Mash potatoes, add butter and milk. Mix half of the potatoes with spinach. 

    2. Breast on Nest

    • Vegetable mexican rice (with kidney beans, red pepper, sweetcorn, greenbeans)
    • Chicken 
    • Steamed brocolli  (with a knob of butter)
    • Potato croquets

    – Steam broccoli and some frozen mix vegetables. Add a knob of butter on broccoli.

    – Cook rice in mexican spices (or any spices really), mix in the vegetables. Add some kidney beans (optional).

    – Oven bake potato croquets and seasoned chicken breast (use any seasoning).

      3.  Potato (Aloo) in your Gob(i)

      • Potato & Colliflower curry
      • Chickpea white rice
      • Sliced cucumbers

      – Cook 1 chopped onion in coconut oil, add 1tsp garlic and ginger, add some chopped tomatoes, season with salt, pepper, garam masala (mix indian spices) to taste. Add chopped colliflower and potatoes and simmer till vegetables are soft. Add curiander leaves to garnish.

      – Boil rice using boiling water  (double amount of water to rice. Eg. 1 cup rice to 2 cups boiling water). Add chickpeas. Boil uncovered till you see bubbles then simmer for 15 mins or till cooked. 

        4. Tenderly Tenders

        • Fried chicken tenders
        • Rice made with chicken stock
        •  Mash potato 
        • Cheese sandwhich 

        – cook rice as mentioned above, just add a chicken stock cube.

          5. Kรฉ pas(t)a?

          • Tomato and cheese pasta 
          • Kebaab (cut into squares)
          • Hash brown

          – cook onion in a little bit of olive oil, add garlic, tomatoes ( I used a chopped tomato can) and basil. Season with salt and pepper. Add uncooked pasta. Add boiling water and simmer till cooked (approx 20 minutes). Can add cheese.

          – grill premade frozen kebaabs. (Mix mince meat, onion powder, garlic powder, kebaab spices from a box.. make into patties and freeze.)

          6. Red Dog Beans

          • Hot dogs 
          • Mix vegetables 
          • Kidney bean thick stew 
          • White rice

          – Add oil, onions, tomatoes, garlic and ginger. Blend. Add tinned kidney beans, any spices you like.. slow cook 20 mins or till done.

          7. Orangey Chicken but no Chicken

          • Pasta with carrots 
          • Tangerine 
          • Organix crisps

          – Cook oil, onion, tomato, grated carrot and a chicken stock cube. Mix with cooked pasta. 

          If all fails.. 

          8. Breaded Protien & Breakfast

          • Chicken nuggets
          • Boiled egg
          • Baked beans

          Tasty? Good. Coz you’ll be eating the frozen leftovers. 


          11 thoughts on “Toddler Meal Ideas (easy as shit)

          1. My amazing toddler meals consist of a pile of things I have pulled out of the fridge and presented to the toddler, expecting a royal thumbs up or thumbs down. Mostly it’s a NO, followed by “cookies”


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