Last Day of Term..

For Bubba’s last day at nursery before summer break, we went full cute mode. Partly because I was the one having separation anxiety and NEEDED him to be not forgotten. I mean how could you? He’s cute, he’s entertaining and he’s so loving (when fully fed). 

So I got bubba to draw one card for his teacher and one for the teachers assistant (TA). Lot’s of people forget the TA but they are the backbone of a class and deserve appreciation. I still remember my days of after school hours of sweeping glitter from the classroom when I worked as one .. hell I’m still doing it now. Less professionally. Crying to let it gooo, drinking something cold (non-alcoholic) but instead of glitter  (I refuseeee to buy glitter) it’s a thousand pieces of glue and toilet tissue.

The only thing he can draw are circles that are the ‘planets’, which is pretty good for a 2 year old. I once knew a 2 year old would only lick paper.. so bubba has a headstart in my eyes😂.. The cards came out great with a little annotation of the planet names by me..

Cute ey?

Inside the message was a simple thank you. But for the TA I added several sentences of appreciation. 

I then had a great idea to make a canvas or photofame with my lil monster holding lettered A4 pieces of paper to spell ‘THANKY♡U”.. I saw it somewhere on Pinterest and my heart melted! We managed to get “THAN” done in one sitting because I confused the shit out of him and jist snapped by but then all hell broke loose. 

Managed to get the “K” a whole 48 hours later after changing him back into yesterdays clothes. However the “Y” suffered the worst and ended up disappearing! Later I found it scrunched into a ball in my cold hot chocolate 😑

Being the awesome sauce daddybasic is with IT related nonesense, he photoshopped the pictures onto a selfie of bubba and his teacher. Apparently my pictures where shit because some of them I cut his legs out or cut his arm out😓.. but whateverrrrr.. 😂 he made the THAN♡U look so good!

Then we had a great idea to add all the pictures of bubba taken at his nursery into a mosaic design and print that on a canvas so I can write a message in the back. But that turned out a disaster.. so we decided to just go with daddybasics masterpiece and saw a really cool acrylic like block with a photo inside. So we printed the picture and printed my message and taped then back to back so you can see both side of the block. It was so nerve wrecking when the lady was taking her sweet ass time aligning the pictures and we were already cutting it too close to pickup time..

7 mins left to collect bubba – shes cleaning the block

6 mins left – shes positioning the pictures

5 mins left – shes wrapping in bubble wrap 


With 3 mins left we dashed to his nursery which was nearby (thank F). Not like anything would have happened if we were a tad late.. 😂

After asking her to open it so we can see her reaction  (am I a creepy parent? Meh) ..she loved it! 

To get those poses , I nearly lost an eye but it was so worth it! 

Now roll on summer.. 

(Not really.. I’m dreading it..*sobs*)




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