2 Days left till summer break .. (contains lots of crying)

Probably the most emotional post I’ve written because his nursery (TTBN) sent home Bubbas report and I’m so proud! I’m weeping. My ovaries are weeping. Everyone’s weeping. 

(A tad concerned he likes following ants around the playground but still proud!)

All those mornings I’ve taken Cornflakes to the face and ran around the house looking for his shoes, were so worth it. Everytime he bolted mid-nappy change and launched feaces at my t-shirt, were so worth it. 

2 days left till summer break and I refuse to believe it! Not even the last day yet and I’m mid-meltdown mode. *sobs*

Now as I’m in Dubai for the summer.. What the hell do I dooo..  ???

Please Toddler Town, adopt me and my kids..

Going to drown my sorrows binge eating Doritos. Brb.


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