Bubba’s 2nd Birthday! 

Can’t actually believe it has been two years since he headbutted his way out of me and now we live in a different country and I have a permanent misaligned hip. How did time fly so fast? And how the hell did I survive 2 years of motherhood without having a Britney breakdown and going bald? 

I still remember every detail of the bizzare pregnancy (read it here) and having the placenta yanked out after birth (read it here) .. good times, good times.. in the 2 years of his interesting migit life; he’s been to Egypt, back and forth from Dubai to London, partyed on a yatch twice, started attending Toddler Town British Nursery (read it here), hugged a Dolphin, been up a mountain (Jabel Hafeet), bit the steering wheels of plenty of super cars, watched mummy’s belly get “taffy” and suddenly come home with migit number 2. Lucky guy! My first two years of life was watching Teletubbies and crusifying Barbie. 

Life has been a challenge with kids but I would never have it any other way.. He’s made me a better person; I curse less, eat veg and even give up my Hello Kitty bears to be the subject of his chocolate experimentation 😢 ..

Last year we flew to the UK and threw him a spectacular first birthday with the theme of animals and an ahhhhmazing first birthday cake made by a lovely lady named Doreen from ilovetomakecakes ..

  • 4 tier fondant cake, packed with 13 edible animal figures!
  • Edible palm trees, pebbles, mud & water
  • A large number 1 next to the cheeky monkey topper

– the background is a DIY job from my creative brain (yes it works at certain times).. vines and leaves were cut from tissue and paper and stuck with tape. (Thank you to my best friend who stayed up cutting and sticking with me. You da best)

–  the balloons I ordered from Ebay for 99p each – bargain mate!

– the Mickey Mouse fruit arrangement was handmade by my mother. Creative bunch we are ey.. Made from lots of fruit, cut outs and watermelon carving.

His party was held at my in-laws and included a large indoor soft play area, two bouncy castles outside, large outdoor Snakes & Ladders, a marquee with a shit ton of food and cake pouring out my ears. 

Now that he turned 2 in Dubai, we decided to throw a large dinner party (or iftar for those fasting) with our friends. Being a ‘cake person’ (code for fatshit), the cake had to meat meet my standards and the past couple of months, Bubba has been doing my head in about planets; so planet themed cake it is! Designed by my husband and made by SweetLaneCakes in Dubai, we got a flipping amazing cake! AND I ordered fifteen planet themed cookies for his class and teachers. Also they did all this with three days notice. THREE DAYYYSSS!

Epicccc right?!
  • Galaxy background on two tiers with fondant and edible paint
  • The 8 planets as chocolate cake pops covered in fondant
  • An astronought holding a happy birthday flag, on top of a silver half a moon shape cake topper with a rocket behind him that has the number ‘2’. All fully edible!
  • Even the cake board is covered in white fondant 
  • The letters ‘TWO’ glitter candles where purchased separately from Party Centre Garhoud.  

  • 15 planet themed cookies on lolly sticks
  • Black ribbon used to tie the individually wrapped cookies. 
  • Personalised happy birthday tag.

I decorated the entire table to be a dessert/sweets area. Although I had such fancy plans and they all flopped.. it still looks pretty cool.. Well at least I’m okay with it.

On the table:

  • Fruits (apples, blueberries and grapes) drizzled with chocolate on toothpicks 
  • Homemade star shape moulded chocolate with fresh strawberries in cupcases
  • Chocolate Smarties cookies in cupcases
  • Mini tic-tacs
  • Sweet jars, one filled with Starbusts, the other with Fruit Jellies
  • Lollypops pieced into packing foam taken from a laptop box
  • Decorative glitter stars from Party Centre Garhoud 

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get a picture of the epic feast but we decided to do a buffet style with 15 dishes plus salads, sauces ..etc. Seemed crazy but when 15 of our guests turned up, it was a perfect amount! Although I still am eating left overs and cake every 2 hours while crying and double tapping them Instagram models.. AND he got gifted TWO CHOCOLATE CAKES!

*currently eating a fat slice and the chocolate bar topper* 


Basically when I fall down, I rock myself to sleep trying to get up.. 😂

Anyway, *sigh* .. time flys and I don’t like it 😔

    But looking forward to the terrible two’s!

    And looking forward to Bambi’s first birthday..


    8 thoughts on “Bubba’s 2nd Birthday! 

    1. Belated Happy Birthday Bubba… I looked at the Mickey Mouse again at this “the Mickey Mouse fruit arrangement was handmade by my mother”.. Awesome work by your mother.
      The DIY leaves are a wonderful idea . Both the cakes looks so delicious..thank God, its nowhere near me 😉 All the arrangement looks very good. You are one talented mother ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you so much Hira! In my culture, we have to learn to do these DIY fruit arrangements and stuff because at our wedding, families get together and make all these gifts for the new bride or groom and their family.. and lets just say my mums been to WAY too many weddings.. I used to hide or “study” so sadly I didn’t learn all the cool stuff 😦 ..haha comeeee I am always stocked with cake so I have a reason to hide from my kids 😂 x

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yeah, Am from North east India .. And now am embarrassed. I didnt see it any wedding … I know ladies try salad decoration , but that Mickey mouse is really professional stuff.


        2. Haha .. I’ve attended an Indian wedding where they did it for mehendi or sangeet day? .. I’m from a mixed South Asian background and it’s like we HAVE to do it and have to be better than the other family😂 I don’t know why it’s so serious

          Liked by 1 person

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