Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease from HELL

I have concluded Hand Foot Mouth Disease (HFMD) was created by Satan to DESTROY our mummy souls. Just as I was high fiving the air because things can get back to a routine now that Bubba is back at his toddler classes.. the universe pooped on my week. Any form of routine is out the window.

When his teacher rang me and explained he’s got Hand, Foot and Mouth disease and I would need to collect him immediately and not send him for a week, I was quite baffled. Firstly this disease sounded fake AF and secondly don’t cows or goats or something get this? Turns out I’m wrong and that’s ‘foot/hoof & mouth’, thank God! Started panicing my kid has cow genes (and I would’ve blamed his dad obvvvvvv because only one of us is currently a human cow.. *sobs*)

So it’s a toddler virus that you can’t cure, you just have to wait it out. And you get sore blisters in your mouth and/or tongue, red blotchy spots on hands and feet. With my luck, mine had more on his arms, legs and bum. Definitely not fake and again, there’s nothing you can do to cure it. Try telling a crabby upset 1 year old that. Well don’t, one dislocated lung and half a bleeding ear drum later …

Apparently there is medication and DIY solutions you can try to soothe the mouth ulcers.. but my kid refuused to open his gob to try or eat an.ee.thing expect icelollys or popsicles for my american friends. So grabbed random fruits and veg from the store and juiced those badboys together with a dash of Ibuprofen kids syrup and WA LA.. gourmet icelollys for dinner. The main thing is you do not want your kid to get dehydrated so lots of liquids required!

To top it off, he got a fever. I hoped he would sit in one place and behave but the fever and the illness didn’t stop him from taking eggs out of the fridge and screaming HUMPTY DUMPTY and lauching it to the floor. Tragic.

And then I googled it and found out IT’S BLOODY CONTAGIOUS.

If you remember, I have a 3 month baby. So try imagining me with oven mits on, Dettol airfreshners taped to each hip and an extra pair of maternity bra on because no way in hell I’m getting it or putting baby Bambi at risk either. No way hosay. Two miserable babies & me. Nope uh uh.

And then.

I got it


Granted it wasn’t bad but fever and mouth ulcers sucked! Gourmet lollys it is.

Waited it out and we are all alive and back to normal. Was required to get a doctor’s note clearing him for battle .. and then all was good.. UNTIL Bubba’s fever kicked in again. Fbbhdsgbnhfss!! Thankfully, it only lasted a couple of hours…


Basics for survival: Dettol Handwash, Headphones and Humpty’s sacrifice.

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