Kids Style for Less Clothing Haul

Kids Style for Less in Dubai is a store that sells designer branded kids clothing for such a good price! They sell both brand new and pre-loved items so there’s something for everyone. Since the chocolate therapy I attended was at Kids Style for Less (see previous post), I decided to have a look at the racks. Everything was just how I like a clothing shop to be, pretty and organised! As in hangers matching sizes and sizes in ascending order because frankly I hate shopping so I need it to be as simple as possible.

Here are just a couple of pieces me and the hubs picked up, all brand new and at such good prices, how could I not?!

For Bambi

A beautiful peachy Kenzo cardigan for 99 AED (£20)! So adorable, I want one. In black. Material is so soft and lovely I would like bed sheets by Kenzo please. At that price of course haha!


Baby Dior eat your heart out! For 488 AED (£103) this adorable set just made my life. The quality is something else and Baby Dior is always waaay more pricey.. Also look at those matching shoes! I can’t cope 😭


Picked up a couple of Ralphy dresses but this one is my fave! The paisley pink colour is perfect for the Dubai heat and at 139 AED (£29) it’s a must have. Those frills around the button section is eve. ry. thing.


This Armani piece is just classic. So flipping cute, light and airey for 159 AED (£34). Yaaaaaas! Pretty much a no brainer for me..


For Bubba

How beautiful is this Armani shirt?! Literally didn’t even think twice because it’s a totally timeless piece. At 130 AED (£28).


This Cavalli trackies is the bombbbbbb. I NEED one for myself. Casual but the pops of red really give it style. I can’t wait to see my kid wearing this! At 179 AED (£38) I was stoked!

We picked up more Ralphy and Armani basic pieces for him, couple of tops, hoodies and shorts because they were too hard to resist and you need quality pieces for an active kid to last a while. Granted that he may have to wait a year to fit in them but owell..

Definitely loved the shopping experience at Kids Style for Less. Friendly staff, easy to navigate and there’s a kids play section so you can shop in peace. Totally my kind of shopping because kids can make shopping so stressful! I’ve always wanted to go shopping and have a huge floating arrow over a clothing item telling me to buy it. That all my pre-thinking was done for me, in terms of the right size, style, good price and top designer brands.. and it was just that! Amazing. Didn’t have to think twice or use up any brain cells (what’s left of it after having babies) debating whether to buy or not.

Just sharing this if in case anyone wants a wallet friendly, hassle free, designer clothes shopping experience without sale assistants judging you. I legit get intimidated just walking into a designer brand store at any mall in Dubai because I don’t know the lingo okay?! I have no idea about sizes, new/old seasons, I’m too indecisive, prices give me heart attacks and my brain frazzles when I get told there’s multiple colours and sizes in EVERY item I touch. It’s too much pressure 😭

So thank you to Lana at Kids Style for Less for a peaceful shopping experience and for hosting the chocolate therapy workshop, totally won me over!

Go check it out guys.. great value and they’re always hosting great events!

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