DIY Easy Bow-Dazzle

What screams girly than a pretty simple bow? Pretty much nothing.

I love little cute bows on just about anything to add that girly factor, especially on baby girl clothes. It’s like a little stamp of approval from the fairies, but there’s really no point spending a lot of money on baby outfits that will only be worn a couple of months max. There is definitely a price difference from an ordinary plain baby outfits to ones with a cute bow for example. Or maybe like me, you have tons of baby outfits you want you reuse. Since I have baby boy clothes from my first child and many unisex pieces, I decided to make them a tad girly with bows.

Please be aware, I have no clue how to sew, just that a needle and thread goes in and out of a material when your not accidentally poking holes in your fingers for mini vampires.

All the materials I used was what I already had. I hope this post provides some inspiration somehow or you can laugh at my shitty sewing skills.. whatever .. I’m cool with it.

Reused Hello Kitty Bow Hat

It all started with my toddler (bubbabasic) who decided to attack my beloved Hello Kitty and her bow came off 😥 .. Lucky I have a collection of 40, so I didn’t pass out (don’t judge me haha).. and a plain white newborn hat from when bubbabasic was a baby.


  • I literally put the bow on the hat where I wanted it and flipped it over and held it in place. In order to make sure it wouldn’t come off, I did a lot of random simple sewing of just in and out catching a decent chunk of the bottom half of the bow, in a cluster.
  • The sewing was concentrated in three spots, the middle of the bow petal and middle knot.. (no idea what you actually call sections of a bow but I’m calling it petals and knot)..

  • I continued doing random stitches in the three areas and went back and forth for no reason other than I threaded too much thread through the needle, so I thought might as well use it up. Don’t be terrified if it looks like a stitch bomb because no ones going to see it, unless you take pictures and shove it on a blog obviously but I’m comfortable with being an amateur.
  • In the picture below, the clusters are circled and the outline of bow shown.


  • And wa-la finished! Really easy and such a simple way to add a touch of girly into something plain and boring. You can pretty much do this with anything without using many brain cells.


Simple Handmade Fork Bow

  • Using a tiny ribbon piece that came from a necklace I had, I made it into a bow using a fork following the steps in a YouTube video (click here to watch) .. Seriously how simple is that!

  • So I just repeated exactly what I did for the bow hat, just held it down, flipped it over and began sewing tiny stitches in clusters. I only stitched through the bottom layer of the bow so you don’t see the hot mess at the front of the bow.
  • The clustered areas are shown in the picture below (middle bow knot, middle of the two petals and the bottom of the two tail ends that stick out).
  • Since there is only one layer on the tail part, the stitches will show when looking at the bow from the front, so use the same colour thread as the bow and try your best to make small stitches.
  • No ones going to see the back part of the bow or use magnifying glasses on the front to inspect the bow. From the distance it will look perfect!

  • Done! How cuuuuute! ..and you can’t see any thread.. Oh and this survived a round in the washing machine.
    YAY for the cluster stitching idea, thank you brain for not being totally effing useless!


Bow and Pearl Sleeves

After the 2 previous DIY’s, I self crowned myself the queen of shitty sewing and thought I’d try something a tad harder. In this DIY, I used a long ribbon and 2 pearls that both came from a bracelet that was sacrificed for the cause.. Besides trying to wear them crappy pearls-on-a-elastic-band while you have kids is a major hazard..

  • I cut the ribbon in two and make two cute bows using a fork (click here to make your own bows using a fork!) and decided to put them on the sleeves with one pearl underneath it.

  • I just used the same exact method of cluster stitching on the other side but this time just incorporating the pearl by sewing through it plenty of times. I started on the left side of the bow, then the middle part + pearl, and then the right side of the bow. This is so that the pearl is really secure.
  • The areas of the clusters I did are circled below (middle left petal, left tail, middle knot, left of pearl, right of pearl, middle right petal, right tail).


  • I did the same on the other sleeve and done! The final result looks so pretty!


Footsie Bows

This one is so easy!

  • I found two pink pre-made bows from a top I had ..(or you can make a bow using a ribbon and a fork that I’ve been banging on about)..
  • This time I only cluster stitched the middle knot a few times (because by now I couldn’t be bothered to do any more stitching) and done!

I hope you guys enjoyed my beginners sewing-on-bow experience and maybe try out some of your own..

Proper basic.



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