Nursery Shenanigans

So my little one started attending nursery in November and now currently in January- nothings changed. He’s going 3 days a week at Toddler Town British Nursery (TTBN, who are da bomb btw).. and it’s been an adjustment to say the least; here is how it went/ going…


Omg… My baby’s off to nursery without me… in a classroom with an actual teacher and everything! Everytime I iron his purple tiny little shirt with the nursery logo stitched in, my heart sobs a little. Dropping him off to his classroom wasn’t any better with me sobbing internally, doesn’t help that he cries “mummy” when I leave and he tries to hold on to me tightly… I finally realise all the punches and hair yanking were out of love…somewhat but nevermind… I’m bloody proud of myself for not loosing my shit when leaving him crying.

TTBN have a cool feature app with daily updates, photos and even access to watch the CCTV of your kids classroom, so you know what I’m doing as soon as I get home… I’m watching him be a total BAWSE playing with the soft balls! Did I mention my little ovaries are so proud! I don’t even know what I was worried about, I wish I had a classroom as exciting as his when I was in nursery! Tbh the entire nursery is a dream, with a swimming pool, bike track area, entire sandplay area and different rooms for cool things like sensory and softplay. Flipping jealous mate! My nursery was a rectangle room with a sand tray and painting areaπŸ‘.. well it is free in the UK (after 3) and I suppose you do get what you pay for here in Dubai, bloody expensive tho!

Back to being proud… I’ve done so well, I’ve got him to class nice and early everyday, looking all neat and well fed! I should get an award for my packed lunches and it’s presentation in cute containers, all them pinned posts on Pinterest finally come to good use… this is fun; I can do this! 

Aww look at him painting with his friends.. I swear he can’t get cuter than this. Just going to place phone on a makeshift stand and watch while I fry up some eggs. 

Ahh I feel free, time to take a long shower and shave ALONE. Oh sweet sweet silence… eyebrows done, hair looking fly, legs smooth as efffff, lunch made and house tidied. Feeling pretty smug I’m not gona lie! Wait what time is it? Oh still a whole hour left before picking the little one up? Seriously starting to miss him now, he only goes for 4 hours aswell.

Oh god am I one of those mums waiting outside 30 mins early…

Oh hiiiii baby I missed youuuu! Time to go home before my heart bursts with love.


F@*k wheres his uniform?! Well hes only a toddler so no big deal if hes not in uniform, I’m sure they understand… Tops don’t need to be ironed right? Like they get creased up anyway so noone will notice, it’s not that bad, could’ve happened in the car… oh god we’re late and it’s the start of a new year new term thingy! Im supposed to be the organised new me😣 ..btw salty-no-nutrition biscuits is a decent snack right? Meh. He likes it so yes it is..

No time for singing during nappy change and hurry up and get your shoes! Let’s goooo, wheres the car keys? Why are you pulling a face at me Mr? Ohhh No, don’t do a poo please please please PLEASE… okay you’ve done a poo, time to change nappy again. Wait stop running away!!! OK, finally are we ready to goooo?? Oh shit I haven’t given him his morning milk. Okay drinking milk on the way it is but don’t pour it on the car seat okay sweetheart?! 


Great. Milky carseat.

Tantrum just infront of the front gate is just what I needed right now! ALRIGHT I’ll hold you, walking would take ages anyway… come on look your entire class is all here.. gotta shout “Mummy will be back later, love youuuu” over his cries and runn.

Nope not gonna check the CCTV, I know he’s fine and having more fun than me anyway. Yay breakfast time… lalala painting my rachet nails lalalaOMFG IS THAT THE TIME?! Runnnn. F@*k scraped purple nailpolish on my shoes and my leggings! Ergh and patchy ugly nails. For me, a patchy horrid nail polish job makes me nervous. I never cared when I was younger in my “emo” days; it was kinda cool to look neglected and homeless, but now, I actually don’t want to look like a hobo and seem like I have my shit together. Imagine you bump into someone famous and they get a glimpse of them minging nails while you tryna take a selfie? Or in my case, I get in a friendly conversation with another mum (who all look great btw) and I start acting like a shady retard whos nicked some crayons. Anyway ain’t nobody got time to fix this. 

Running in looking like a black and purple penguin and fungus growing on my nails.. helllooo baby! Time to go home.. comeeee onnnn I’ll give you chocolateee.. empty bribery is acceptable ok!

 Shit now how do I fill up the hours before bedtime 😭

The fear is setting in now! This is it. This is my new mummy life. I’m going to be doing this forever now. It all starts with innocent nursery and continues for years *sobs*. Planning & googling school friendly lunch ideas and constant morning battles to get out on time. No more lazing around in the mornings. This is it. I don’t think I’m ready for this kind of commitment… BUT getting photo updates from the nursery of what he’s been up to and listening to him saying new words and songs is enough to brighten my life. This is all worth it *happy tears*.

Enjoy nursery mama’s, they won’t stay this cute forever.

P.s. cleaning dried milk from a car seat is a bi*&h.


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