What to pack in your Labour/Birth bag

Packing for labour can be an exciting time for some mums or the epitome of terror for others; symbolising the unknown doom to occur when delivering the baby you have been brewing for what seems 20 months! You can clearly guess which one is me..

    Whether you decide to pack early or wait till you’re 37 weeks (like me), here’s what’s in my labour bag that can be used as a simple checklist that will save your sanity. Your welcome.

    • Any important documents. Birth plan, hospital notes, marriage certficate, passorts (if living in UAE).. etc

    For the Baby

    • Baby full onesies/sleepsuits (x5) 

    Preferably the ones with attached scratch mittens and socks, they make life waaaay easier!

    (From Next; pack of three for £16/ AED71)

    • Baby vests (x5) 

    To put on baby under the onesies to keep the baby warm. 

    (From Primark, UK; pack of 7 for £6)

    • Special baby outfit (x1) -optional

    If your like me who don’t give a shit; there’s no point adding another outfit but if you’re like my husband, who insists on a designer newborn outfit, then buy all means add it in. I admit, it’s nice to look back at pictures of your newborn in a gorgeous outfit and you can print, frame, send to your entire contact list ..what ever you fancy. 

    Tip: you don’t have to splash crazy amounts of money! Look for deals, sales and auction bids on Ebay.

    Ebay FTW!

    • Newborn hat (x1)

    and mittens and socks if your baby onesie doesn’t have attached mittens or socks.

    • A blanket (x1) 

    Breathable blankets are mostly recommended by midwifes.

    • Warm outerwear (x1)

    Like an all in one coat or cardigan to keep baby warm when you leave hospital.

    • Muslin squares or towel 

    I use these really soft towel squares called Cheeky Wipes from Amazon and I LOVE them! 

    • Nappies (1 whole pack)

    Check if your hospital provides Nappies for the days you’re in hospital because let’s be honest, you need a shit load when you’re back at home so why use them up when you can get some free? (Might aswell nick a bunch when you leave too)

    • Cotton squares/balls 

    These are to clean the baby’s toosh and face with a little warm clean water. Some mums choose to use baby wipes but personally I’m too paranoid about any chemicals.

    For Yourself, Mummy

    • Open front nighties (x4) 

    Infact I prefer really stretchy and loose tops as fiddling with buttons isn’t the type of shit I want to worry about. Just pull the entire neck down to breastfeed and watch it retract to normal after. Magic! Or elastic!

    • Going home clothes (x1)

    This can be a good looking outfit complete with a pair of cute earrings and a necklace or another set of pajamas, because let’s face it, your probably not gona give a crap considering you pushed out a human watermelon. 

    Tip: you won’t be the size you were before pregnancy so whatever your current Maternity clothes is, yeah no escaping them yet mama.

    • Underwear (x5)

    Disposable or not is up to you. Personally I prefer good ‘ole Cotton granny panties with a soft lace rim.

    • Maternity pads (x1 pack) 

    Most hospitals provide pads but you might want back up. I found the hospital ones were itchy and uncomfortable. Just make sure the ones you choose are the heaviest duty shit you can find! P.s you’re going to be wearing Maternity pads for like ever after birth till the bleeding stops so buy loads of packs beforehand.

    • Nursing bra (x2) 

    If breastfeeding, it will make life a lil easier but the annoying part is not knowing exactly what size to buy! Like do you buy them abit bigger incase you grow or what?! I found the size I was before didn’t increase to a bigger size. You can use a stretchy soft Maternity bra or stretchy sports bra till milk comes in, then you have an idea what’s happening with size. Either order online if your confident or go in store once you feeling a bit better and get professional help buying one.

    • Breast pads (x6) 

    Likelihood is you really won’t be needing much as milk doesn’t come in till a few days after birth, the baby will be sucking colostrum before then and that doesn’t leak. But good to stay on the safe side and take the Breast pads just incase.

    • Lanolin cream 

    Because all that sucking at your nipple effing hurtssssss! A good natural alternative is coconut oil.

    (Can buy from any good drugstore or online; Approx £8-9/AED35-40)

    • Lip balm 

    You’ll need it to keep your lips alive during all that huffing and puffing and screaming  “you did this to me” to your other half. 

    This is my favourite one. (Can buy from any drugstore or online; under £2/AED10)

    Tip: use straws to sip on whatever you’re drinking.

    • Baby wipes (x1 pack)

    To wipe any sweaty areas or for quick freshening up before any pictures or visitators. Can be used to clean just about anything and even the baby’s backside if you want. Win win.

    • Mild shower gel and shampoo (x1)

    Mild meaning nothing invigorating or heavily scented otherwise your hoohaa gwan be sizzling. Travel bottles are convenient.

    • Personal toiletries

    Get a small toiletry bag and shove in anything you might need from toothbrush and paste, hairbrush, deodrant, make up, face wash, moisturiser headband, hairclips and ribbons..etc.. anything you fancy taking tbh (I know a mum that took bodyshimmer and had the midwifes confused as to why the sheets were shining).

    • Slippers/Flipflops (x1) or Socks with grip (x2)

    Likelihood of walking about till you actually give birth is high so keep footwear comfy. 

    • Something robe-ish

    Anything to chuck over your nighties whether it’s a night robe, bath robe, Cardigan, Shawl..etc. never know when you’ll need it.


    • Spare shopping or laundry bag for dirty clothes
    • Clothes for birth partner (x1) 
    • Phone/tablet & chargers
    • Headphones

    Take anything to distract yourself with. Download fave tv shows, download fave music, try hypnobirthing, read a book..chances are conversations or lack of with the other half will piss you off, esp the “but how does it feel?” Horseshit.

    • Energy tablets & snacks
    • Birth ball (if the hospital doesn’t provide one)
    • Pregnancy belt – if you used one.

    Might help the “back-about-to-snap” feeling when you walk after giving birth.

    • Car seat!

      Good luck mama xo


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