10 Things to do Before Giving Birth

1. Figure out how the buggy and car seat works. How to fold, close, open, put the rain shield on..etc. For heaven’s sake please read the manual. It took me 3 hours to figure out how to bleeding use my buggy until I realised it came with a manual.

Blameeee the pregnancy brain!

It’s a fact OK.

2. Put some bricks in the car seat and carry it around. OK so you don’t actually need to use bricks but anything a little heavy will do. If you’re a fitness guru that has strength AND can refuse a cheesecake, I hate you. I am a blob. And as a blob, I will tell you, lifting bubba in the car seat made me  do this uncoordinated penguin walk whilst bending forward, holding the car seat with two hands and shedding a tear everytime it hit my kneecaps. Hell, even holding him alone made my arms ache. So if you’re a blob too, try strengthening those arm muscles, they are in there somewhere!


3. Get a comfortable wrap to put baby in while around your home. If you have a maid then your laughing, but if not, you might never find time to do any chores, clean,tidy up or eat… “Sleep when he sleeps” they said.. HOW?!


4. Freeze batches of food. You want to survive right, without eating tinned tuna? Label them properly and enjoy after. Surf the internet for great recipes and ideas, it’s as simple as that.

5. Go for a walk with nothing but your keys. Sounds silly doesn’t it, but treasure the feeling of freedom from deadly-shoulder-denting baby changing bags, the buggy which becomes a 2 foot extension for your own skin and a million things to double check before you leave to go ANYWHERE.

6. Sleep in.


7. Prepare for a colic baby; just in case. Colic is severe pain in the abdomen caused by wind or obstruction in the intestines, which makes your baby cry for some long period of time. Nothing can prepare you for the high pitched deafening cries but you can prepare but knowing the things you can do, knowing what medication to use (such as Infacol or Gripe Water) and who you can ask for help. Take a note of the opening and closing times of local pharmacies too. You will need a calming technique for yourself, it’s better to be prepared than loose your sanity! For me, I shoved one headphone in and threw an imaginary party, all while giving the little (screaming) one a massage.

Take note

8. Find different techniques for labour. No one knows what their labour will be like so prepare different options to help you through the process such as a birthing ball, favourite music, download favourite comedy show, try hypnobirthing audio..etc. I recommend downloading the entire series of Impractical Jokers because boy was I laughing my butt off! If you live under a rock and never heard of it, click here right now! 

I still remember when I went back into hospital after a week of bubba’s birth because he had jaundice, and watching this show at late hours in a ward of new mums and babies

and trying to hold back the roar of laughter (whilst crying and peeing a little).. ahh good times.



9. Treat yourself. Get an easy maintenance haircut, do your eyebrows, even wax if you are brave, paint your nails ..etc. Seriously, you wont have time to do this after birth and if you’re planning to take pictures while/after giving birth, you might not want to have chipped fingernails or a monobrow. Or if you’re like me and don’t really give a shit, rock that monobrow guurll!


10. Buy “inbetween clothes”. This means clothes, either maternity or just generally baggy for during pregnancy and after. Why waste money on specific maternity clothes that you can only wear when you’re pregnant, when they can double up as after pregnancy clothes too!

With love xo


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